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Reading Well e-books

Here are a sample of the Reading Well e-books translated to Welsh: – And Reading Well e-books for children


The award is a tribute to Mary Vaughan Jones for her outstanding contribution to children’s books in the Welsh language. The award is available for presentation every three years to… READ MORE

Tir Na n-Og

These are the main literature awards for children and young people in Wales. The Tir na n-Og Awards were established by the Books Council in 1976, and are given annually… READ MORE


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Finding a Book Problems

Your book should appear on your account in the column next to your receipt. If there is no download button within minutes of your order, this may indicate a problem… READ MORE

Payment Problems

If a payment button is not available on a book, this means that it cannot be purchased at present. This may be due to the fact that the book has… READ MORE